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NEC UM8000

* The UM8000 Unified Messaging / Voicemail solution is a fully-featured in-skin messaging system fully integrated in the SV8100 and the SV8300 *

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Univerge UM8000
The UM8000 can store over 500 hours of messages and is scalable from 2 to 16 ports and up to 4 fax ports. Because the UM8000 blade slips inside an SV8000 Series chassis, it uses less space and power than other stand-alone messaging systems. If the system experiences a power failure, the UM8000-Mail uses the same battery backup as the SV8000 Series system, adding another measure of reliability to the system.

Fully-Integrated Messaging
With feature-rich Unified Messaging, all voice, fax and email messages are directed into one inbox. This enables users to keep track of all their messages more easily. Users can play and record messages and send and receive faxes with MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise.

User-Configurable Mailbox Manager
Users can control and configure their personal mailbox settings using the web based mailbox manager’s Graphical User Interface. Greetings, security codes, notifications, groups, conversation preferences and more, can all be modified through the mailbox manager.

Fax And Text-To-Speech
By combining voice mail, automated attendant, text-to-speech, fax functionality, and notification into a completely integrated business solution, the UM8000 helps communicate more effectively with the people who matter most to a business: customers and co-workers.

Full Support On Remote Devises
Support on remote devises include notification via RSS feeds and scaled down web client for mobile users, verified with Windows Mobile, Palm OS, RIM Blackberry and iPhone including PodCast support.

Optional Hospitality Feature Package
The UM8000 hospitality package offers specific hotel features including a PMS (Property Management System) interface.

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