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How The Right Projection System Can Change Your Space And Presentations
In a relatively small conference room, a TV on the wall is a nice solution for displaying system content. This solution, however, runs into serious problems quickly: size is generally limited to 90” TVs, sometimes there are no walls to mount on, other times the display needs to be hidden when not in use, etc. This is where projection systems, comprised of a projector and a projection screen, come into play. Projection systems are seen almost everywhere in the AV world – from corporate to higher education to K12, from conference rooms to classrooms to auditoriums. High definition, high brightness, widescreen projectors are more affordable than ever, enabling crisp, 1080p images across almost limitless screen sizes. Unlike TVs, projection systems are more complicated to design properly – ceiling height, viewer distance from screen, viewing angles, content type, ambient light readings, mounting locations, and more all need to be taken into account. Additionally, in some situations, rear projection which involves a glass screen rather than a fabric screen is more appropriate than front projection as well, adding another layer of options. But when done right, projection systems are the eye-catching, brilliant visual focal point of your audiovisual system, whatever the type of room.

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