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CCTV Cabling

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CCTV Cabling
Cables and wiring for CCTV / Digital Video Recorder (DVR) security camera systems as well as connectors for these systems come in many different types and styles. Each type of cable and connector has a specific purpose. The sheer number of options can be a little intimidating, however. This white paper attempts to present the most common video, power and data connector types along with a short description and the primary uses of each.

There are typically four applications of cable/ wire found in a CCTV security camera system:

  • Power
  • Video
  • Telemetry
  • Ethernet

Advances in CCTV Cabling and technology, now make it possible for us to provide a crystal clear picture in real-time. Traditional CCTV systems suffered from poor quality video imagery due to low data transfer rates.  This in-turn produced a blurred, grainy video image, affecting prosecutions. The best quality cables and connectors for Cat6 and Fibre Optic wiring will allows for a much clearer video image, sharper resolutions and better quality CCTV.

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