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Alarm Cabling

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Alarm Cabling
Alarm wiring is needed to interconnect the parts of all type of wired security systems. The main alarm panel needs wiring to every device in the system, as well as to power, telephone, and any other input or output devices you may want.

It’s always best to install alarm system wiring during the construction phase of the building, referred to as prewiring. Most customers prefer to prewire the alarm at about the same time as the electricians are running their wires.

With all the framing exposed, it’s easy to drill holes, run burglar alarm wire, and install mud rings or boxes wherever they may be needed. This also makes it easy to co-ordinate with the electricians on any special power or lighting connections for the alarm system.

Pre-wiring is also a good time to “future-proof” the building to some degree. You can run extra cables for options you don’t need now, but may want in the future. This might include additional keypad locations, motion detectors, home lighting control, etc. Running alarm wiring in an existing building generally takes much more time and effort than pre wiring.

For a new building, you have a chance to run alarm wiring that will cover all of your current security needs. With a little planning, you can also wire for some common upgrades you may want in the future.

With the main panel up and working, you’ll need some way to detect an intruder. Alarm wiring for detection devices commonly include:

  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Smoke detectors
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